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Fall 2013
Travel Soccer Evaluations

Dear Parents, 


Each spring Medway Youth Soccer conducts player evaluations for placement on Travel teams for the upcoming year. This year player evaluations will take place between June 7th – June 20th


In advance of these evaluations, the Board of Directors of Medway Youth Soccer would like to explain the process to be used in evaluating players as well as the criteria for placing players on teams.


We strongly believe that the primary purpose of the Travel program is to develop the skills and confidence of each and every player to assure their current and future enjoyment of the game. It is our aim to place Travel players on teams with other players of a comparable skill level, to play against other Travel teams of comparable skill level. It has been our experience that this is the best way to maximize each player’s opportunity to develop his or her skills and confidence. Since children mature and develop physically at different times, it is critically important to reassess their skill development every year to assure that they remain properly placed.


We also want to clearly explain the skills to be evaluated. The core competencies of soccer include: the ability to receive and control the ball at the feet with a minimum number of touches, control and dribble the ball with all surfaces of the foot with the head up, and the ability to pass or shoot the ball both accurately and with pace, with both feet. These skills and the ability to apply them in game settings are the primary skills that will be evaluated.


Player evaluations have been scheduled as follows:


Last Revised on 6/21/2013



Age Session 1 Day Session 1 Date Session 1 Time Location Session 2 Day Session 2 Date Session 2 Time Location
G-U10 Wednesday 6/19/13 6-7:30PM Idylbrook Saturday 6/22/13 9-10:30AM Idylbrook
G-U11 Wednesday 6/12/13 5:30-6:45PM Idylbrook Thursday 6/20/11 6-7:30PM Idylbrook
G-U12 Tuesday 6/18/13 6-7:30PM Idylbrook Monday 6/24/13 6-7:30PM Idylbrook
G-U13 Monday 6/10/13 6-7:30PM Idylbrook Monday 6/24/13 6-7:30PM Oakland
G-U14 Friday 6/14/13 6-7:30PM Idylbrook Friday 6/21/13 6-7:30PM Idylbrook


Age Session 1 Day Session 1 Date Session 1 Time Location Session 2 Day Session 2 Date Session 2 Time Location
B-U10 Friday 6/14/13 6-7:30PM Oakland Thursday 6/20/13 6-7:30PM Oakland
B-U11 Wednesday 6/12/13 5:30-6:45PM Oakland Tuesday 6/18/13 6-7:30PM Oakland
B-U12 Wednesday 6/19/13 6-7:30PM Oakland Thursday 6/20/13 7:30-9:00PM Middle School
B-U14 Monday 6/10/13 6-7:30PM Oakland Saturday 6/22/13 8-9:30AM Oakland





Please note: Registration for the Fall ’13 year has already begun. In order to participate in an evaluation, players must be registered. Only players who are registered will be evaluated. The preferred method of registration is to register on-line before the scheduled evaluation. Go to Medway Soccer’s web site at www.medwaysoccer.com  & follow on-line registration information.


Any other questions regarding evaluations should be directed to the appropriate travel director.  Visit our Contact Us page to contact the Girls and Boys Travel Directors.

Parents of new Travel players should also be aware of the commitment involved in the Travel program. Medway. Teams can occasionally travel 30-45 minutes to out-of-town games. The Fall and Spring seasons each run 10 weeks, and teams frequently enter out-of-town tournaments as well. Coaches are instructed to tailor their expectations to the skill level, competitiveness and long term aspirations of their players.


The player evaluations will be conducted under the supervision and direction of our Girls and Boys Travel Coordinators. Experienced Travel coaches will conduct the evaluations. It is our intention that coaches with experience coaching girls will evaluate girls and coaches with experience coaching boys will evaluate boys. Coaches will not conduct evaluations for the age group that they are currently coaching. Prior to each age group’s evaluations, the current coaches of those players will be required to complete written assessments of their players following the same format and criteria to be used by the evaluators.


Evaluations will be conducted over 2 nights, as in the past. Players should arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of each session. They should bring a ball and a water bottle with them.  If, for whatever reason, a player cannot attend either or both sessions, the respective Travel Coordinator should be contacted prior to the session.


After the evaluations for each age group have been completed, the Travel Coordinator will total the scores from each of the evaluators and each player's coach to determine proper placement of each player. Teams will be formed by the Travel Coordinators based solely on the evaluation and coaching scores. Next season's coaches will then be contacted and rosters distributed. Notification of player placement will be sent online to parents.


Parents interested in coaching should submit an application to the respective Travel Coordinator by the time of the evaluation for the age group they are interested in coaching. All current coaches must submit a fresh application. Applications can be downloaded off the Medway Youth Soccer website, www.medwaysoccer.com , or can be obtained from either Mark Murphy or Dan Olsen, Travel Coordinators.


If you have any questions concerning the evaluation process, please feel free to contact the travel directors or any Board member.




The Board of Directors
Medway Youth Soccer





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